Thank you for sharing our love for Joxi. You are part of the project's history. And you're cool, you know that.
Thank you for your support!
This is an email from the Joxi developers. We don't write often, but now is the time.

We appreciate that you love Joxi as much as we do. We got a cool screenshot, and you know it. We are more than 9 years old. You, our users – more than 2 million, screenshots during this time made more than 250 million pieces. We really like these numbers.

And then there was the coronavirus... Before that, we were at the stage of receiving a round from the Foundation, but unfortunately, everything froze indefinitely.
So what are we all about? We need your help. Friendly, in any volume. We ask you to help us get through this time so that when this is all over, we will return with an even better Joxi that you will definitely appreciate.

If you want your favorite Joxi to live on, develop, become more modern and convenient, transfer an amount that will not burden you to the project. This will take at most 5 minutes. If you decide to transfer 500 + rubles, be sure to specify your email address registered in Joxi in the comments, or leave a link to any of your screenshots – we will give you 5 years of Joxi Plus. We believe in ourselves. But most importantly, we believe in you!

P.S. Coronavirus is not eternal, we hold on – do not lose heart.
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